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About Us

Welcome to Gems & Jewellery Association Rajkot. To establish this Association it's dream of our secretary Mr. Paresh C. Adesara, Mr. Divyesh M. Patadiya and others. We all have selected as a president Mr. Jaysukhbhai R. Adesara with business. The main object and purpose of association is to become closer every jewelers and co-operate each others. To make efforts for awareness to new trends of modern business style.

Our aim is to do possible efforts to promote the business at the both side, at manufacturing and marketing by introducing new technology, new machineries and manufacturing innovations. Also to introduce new strategy of marketing by which to build a new generation stronger in this revolutionary time.

There are so many planning by the government to develop the Jewellery Industries. We will arrange these programs i.e. Exhibitions, jewellery designing course, business education regarding Import Export and to have knowledge of red color stone and real diamonds.

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